Why did we put a membership fee now, while it was free for about 2 years

admin October 11, 2019

MultiPoint TV provides Turkish and historical TV series with English Subtitles. We have provided a lot of TV Series and Movies free of cost i.e Dirilis Ertugrul, Payitaht Abdul Hamid, Mehmetic Kutulamre, etc. But there is a lot of effort and money behind one episode of 2 hours. There is also website running cost, Translation and subtitle cost, etc. In order to overcome this, we had to ask donations from people each time and a few people helped us while a lot of people enjoyed the series for free because of donation of a few people.

but the only donation can’t cover all the expenses, we have also spent our own money and efforts and tried every possible way to avoid restricted content but we have to take this action in order to continue the translation and website to cover all the expenses.

So the sole purpose of putting the membership is to cover expenses and bring more interesting tv series in English subtitles. you can either donate or pay the monthly fees as you think. when all the expenses are covered we will again remove the restriction and make it available for free.

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  • Janine McBean June 6, 2020

    Thanks we will continue subscribing!

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