Payitaht Abdulhamid: Season 5

Oct. 09, 2020
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Stroy of last powerful sultan of the Ottoman Empire. this is last season of the sequence Payitaht Abdulhamid

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  • Martha Leija October 18, 2020

    Hello , when is coming new episode? Every one week o two? Thanks regards

  • alimsm7 November 2, 2020

    No subtitles

  • James W Woodworth November 8, 2020

    James Woodworth
    Sadly, I can report that no one from that can read English, has viewed Episode # 124 which was posted with English Subtitles for those of us that do not understand Turkish. While it is possible that the English translation maybe acceptable, the story line which is subtitled does not match up with the characters on the screen. This is mostly a technical problem, in which someone has placed the English Subtitles in the wrong location on the video. Consequently, it makes it basically impossible to know exactly what is going on. My German born and raised wife loves these historical stories as do I, but both of us need you to proof read the completed version before you post it, and frustrate those of us expecting to read a decent English translation. Thank You, kindly post when you correct the problem, and we will make another attempt to view.
    James W Woodworth, California, USA

    • Support November 10, 2020

      already corrected, please check now

  • Martha Leija November 20, 2020

    Hello I pay for other 3 months my membership but the payment go to multi subtitles orden 2420 nov 18 is the same? because I need to see my season the Payitaht abdulvamid

  • Martha Leija December 5, 2020

    Hello , today is dec5 what happening with the episode de Payitaht abdulhamid? I can’t see , Thanks

    • Support December 5, 2020

      The episode will be uploaded soon.

  • Horace A. Peebles Sr. December 18, 2020

    Hi question I was watching this season 2 epi 40, but I need to find season 3 and 4 can you please help me. If I’m not watching Osman Payitaht abdulhamid help me with my withdraw lol Thx u oh oh I just sign up on this site which is GREAT

  • Martha Leija December 19, 2020

    Today a 6,30 one email is come to tell me about my membership , remember i renue in November 18 for 3 months please fixe the error , thanks take care

    • Support December 19, 2020

      your membership will expire on February 20, 2021 9:59 am

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