How to Subscribe Membership on MultiPoint TV

Why  you should subscribe on MultiPoint TV?

1. Directly register with your email or social media accounts, easily and secure
2. Watch full episodes, first of all, Professional English Subtitles

3. We upload full original Episodes, we don’t cut seen like NetFlix

4. You will only pay, when & what you watch, No automatic subscription, No hidden charges, When month expire, do manually subscription if you want to watch more

How to subscribe on MultiPoint TV?

1. Create simply an Account using email or Fast Login using Social media
2. Place an Order and check your email, it gives you instructions to “How to Pay” for your order (check spam folder if not received) 

3. Pay the charges through the same email as you created an account and placed order (if different contact us or mention your order number)  

4. After charges payment, Wait a while until your payment is confirmed. Your order will be processed & you will be granted access (No Ads, HD content)

For any ambiguity, Contact us

Watch the Video for more understanding