How to Download Kurulus Osman with English Subtitle in 1080 resolution Ultra HD

admin November 25, 2019

MultiPoint Now providing download services in ultra HD 1080 resolution for people who loves to watch on Big TV Screen. If you have a subscription plan, then its good news for you that you can download in 1080 resolution by paying some extra amount according to your membership plan i.e monthly, quarterly or annual plan to avail discounts as explained below. You can also Download in ultra HD if you don’t have any membership plan.Kurulus Osman also available  for downloading

Here are details

Statusto pay extra

No Membership


40 USD


If you have no membership plan and only concerned with Kurulus Osman, then you can download full season.
We will share private links with you through email, you just just need to click on it to download easily.



Monthly Membership


10 USD


If you have monthly membership plan and definitely you will be enjoying all the content with fast streaming,
but if you also want to download Kurulus Osman, then you have to pay 10 USD extra charges
to get easily downloadable links to download in 1080 resolution ultra HD



Quarterly Membership


10 USD


If you have quarterly membership plan and definitely you will be enjoying all the content with fast streaming,
but if you also want to download Kurulus Osman, then you need to pay 10 USD extra charges
to get easily downloadable links to download in 1080 resolution ultra HD



Yearly Membership




If you have yearly membership and facing any problem in streaming or wanted to download only Kurulus Osman,
just email us


Note: If you pay 10 USD according to a monthly membership plan and your membership expired, then download links will not be shared, same is the case with a quarterly membership

Note: You must have an active membership plan to avail discounts as explained above


(34) comments

  • beatrizin209 November 25, 2019

    Will I be able to see all Osman series?

  • Martha Leija January 14, 2020

    Thanks When they coming the new season for Payitah Abdulahim ? Please

  • Martha Leija January 24, 2020

    My membership pay the payment is in process , when I can see the movies ? When is ready ? I need to wait long time ? Thanks

    • admin January 24, 2020

      you have given access, it may take few hours 2-4 hours to confirm the payment and give you access.
      Thanks for purchase, enjoy the TV shows

  • Mohammad Khan February 8, 2020

    Can someone advise if they made payment and are facing the same problem ?

    • admin February 9, 2020

      after payment, it takes a few hours to confirm and give you access, please keep patience.

    • Judie Goldblatt Kahn October 8, 2020

      Yes, I am having problems. I made payment for one year, I gave password and login info. Still no access.

  • Cassiem Majiet February 15, 2020

    How long does it take after payment with PayPal to see the episodes of Osman

    • admin February 16, 2020

      3-5 hours will take to confirm payment

  • silnmaria February 16, 2020

    Can you please give me a link to pay the extra 10dollars so I can download the series Osman so I can watch it on my tv?

  • Rashidah Hassan March 20, 2020

    Hi i have made payment to renew my membership, but it stil says i need to renew my plan

  • J Lopez March 21, 2020

    Listen a pay like 1 week n still can’t see osman what’s up

  • Joseph Baptiste March 22, 2020

    I just follow your advise and paid $ 10.00 to download my series in HD but cannot do it please advise

  • Cindy Spivey April 10, 2020

    I just renewed my quarterly membership and paid $35 an extra $10 to Al Raxi . In hopes that I could just see episode 18 in English subtitles. Today April 10th. Only shows I paid $25 . I understand about the Covid virus but why can’t I see episode 18 . Then I would have seen them all that you are showing availability. It’s in other languages are you waiting on a translator for the English version .

    • Support April 11, 2020

      Thanks for renewal, Episode 18 is not on-aired yet and there is not confirm news when episode on-air due to emergency of Covid-19

  • Cindy Spivey April 16, 2020

    Where’s the private link I just paid $35 to renew my membership on the 10 the day I was suppose to and paid an extra $10 so why am I any different fro the others who have watched 18 with a PRIVATE LINK..? I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER WITH ETRUGAL TOO. I see where there is a private link so my money just went to the guy in the blue box with no answers .

  • groyster66 May 2, 2020

    I am concerned about paying additional money to view movies or seasons. What did my $45 include?

    • Support May 2, 2020

      yes you can pay only 10 USD for downloading the Episodes in 1080 Resolution. this is one time for whole Kurulus Osman Seaosn 1

    • groyster66 May 9, 2020

      Why should I pay $10 more when your site will not allow me to watch or view anything? What does my payment of $45 include? On top of that, this site tells me I have no membership, but it allows me to log in. I paid for membership. I have my receipt and confirmation from Ali Shan. I’m suspicious.

      • Support May 9, 2020

        You membership is active on this, please login and try to watch, if there is any problem contact us at with screen shorts, what is coming up ? your downloading links will be also be shared through private email, please contact, thanks

  • Yahia (Ali) Obad May 2, 2020

    How to watch on my TV set I’m yearly members

  • Atif Mehfooz November 9, 2020

    Please upload all series in also urdu subtitles.

  • Clint Tevlin December 24, 2020

    Hi, I have yearly membership. How do I download episodes of Kurulus Osman Season 2?

    • Support December 25, 2020

      I have sent you a downloadable link in your email.

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